Control Over Where And How much Access Allowed


  • Works for Online Access Validations & Payment Authorizations
  • No extra Device, Token, Phone, Apps Required
  • Secure, Flexible, Cost-effective & Convenient Solution
  • Easy to Integrate With Banking & Payment Applications, Services
  • Transparent, Non Obstructive way to Authenticate & Authorize
  • Help your customer secure high risk banking transactions
  • Secure Payment & Fund transfers
  • Secure Remote Access to Business Applications, Corporate Document Library/Shared storage
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GEOACL is a global approach towards Cybersecurity. It gives essential multi-factor authentication you need to protect against today's threats without the hassle and cost of yesterday's technology.

GEOACL, (geographical access control locks) is a leading provider of multi-factor authentication. It is a Location Based security solution that allows users configure locations & access levels, to secure all kinds of accounts including bank accounts, investment accounts, trading accounts, bank & monetary cards like credit/debit/prepaid/virtual cards, Email, IM, Social Network, Healthcare Data, Employment Data, Cloud Storage in simpler, granular and logical manner. GEOACL offers a robust authentication platform featuring built-in support for self enrollment, user self-service, and extensive reporting. With these features, you can surely trust GEOACL to secure logins and transactions.