Control Over Where And How much Access Allowed


  • Works for Online Access Validations & Payment Authorizations
  • No extra Device, Token, Phone, Apps Required
  • Secure, Flexible, Cost-effective & Convenient Solution
  • Easy to Integrate With Banking & Payment Applications, Services
  • Transparent, Non Obstructive way to Authenticate & Authorize
  • Help your customer secure high risk banking transactions
  • Secure Payment & Fund transfers
  • Secure Remote Access to Business Applications, Corporate Document Library/Shared storage


Demo Instructions

You can get experience of GEOACL Solution by following three easy steps:

  • Creating a Profile at GEOACL Admin Site
  • You will provide basic details like name, email to setup your demo user account. It will generate demo payment card for you.

  • View Existing Profile/Enrolling your demo card and configuring locations and location locks for your demo card
  • Use your demo payment card code to enroll. Once enrolled go to View/Set Locations page to set your locations. After that goto View/Set Location Locks page to set your location based locks (rules that govern whether charge request for your payment card will be approved or not). Request can come from ecommerce transaction or from retail terminals.

  • Watching GEOACL Location Authentication & Authorization Service in action by using your demo credit card in demo shopping cart.
  • Use your demo credit card at demo shopping cart to test the location locks that you have setup in GEOACL Admin Site. Here you will add couple of items to shopping cart and select checkout. Please select existing customer option while checking out. Your login email is the same email that you provided while creating profile at GEOACL Admin Site. Your password is 'welcome'. Please click 'Proceed' button at the end of check out page. Now you will be asked to review your order. Once there go to bottom of the page. You will select Card Type (any type will do) and enter your demo credit card number and click 'Proceed'. System will process your request and respond with response message. If you face any issues using demo system, don't hesitate and please contact us. We are always ready to help you understand GEOACL Solution and implement it in your organization.