Control Over Where And How much Access Allowed



GEOACL's Location based Authentication is an easy to deploy, low cost, reliable and transparent approach to Identitiy & Access Management. GEOACL Solution works by comparing the user's request location with allowed locations. This transparent, tokenless method of user verification will fortify security in every identity and access management scenario, as well as save valuable time and resources for any organization.

Banks can deploy it for providing more secure online banking for their customers, as well as for multi-level access to critical internal applications and controls by employees. GEOACL is the only solution in the market that can allow customer to define access at varying levels for given location.

Anybody can steal user id and password but chances are minimal that it will know what are the valid locations (Location ACL - Locations) from where resource can be accessed and upto what extent. (Location ACL - Privileges for given location).
Also owner/user would be changing Location ACL as per its need all the times.
E.g. 1. User enabling shopping mall location before going to shopping on weekend. User enabling vacation location for credit card purchases for specific maximum amount per purchase or X amount per day and disable the location once back.
2. User enabling Account Balance Inquiry from his home state but enables actions like funds transfer, profile changes, Security Setting changes only from narrowly defined location.

Common GEOACL Applications

Location based Authentication The GEOACL process can verify location from which user is trying to access the resource. Restricting access to defined locations help user protect his account/resource/financial assets from hackers trying to use stolen credentials/payment card details from anywhere.

The Out-of-Band Authentication Experience

Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA) uses different methods to reach out and authenticate an end user. This optional component from GEOACL engages the user's online session and their email in a simultaneous exchange. Users verify their identities by demonstrating their ability to place access request from valid location, acknowledge the access request from valid location; a process for providing easy access without sacrificing security.