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Securing Financial Industry

GEOACL's Location based authentication and authorization solution and services protect financial services firms (banks, trading firms, brokerages, retirement funds) and their customers from variety of attacks like usage of hacked credentials from account hijacking, insider fraud, unauthorized funds transfers originating from malware initiated Man-in-the Middle (MITM) and Man-in-the Browser (MITB) attacks.

GEOACL's location based Out-of-Band Authentication services help banks and other financial services firms to validate that authorized account holder is conducting an online transaction and not an unknown hacker from some random place using hacked credentials. Additionally, GEOACL's authentication services can be used for additional verification for important and high profile changes/transactions by sending transaction/request details to the user/customer for final approval before transaction is approved/authorized. Users can set variety of alerts to make them aware of potential fraud.

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GEOACL offers out-of-band authentication services both hosted and on subscription basis. Our services are highly scalable and can be tailored to your needs. We can customize our solution for you and your users regardless of size of your operations and services.