Control Over Where And How much Access Allowed


  • Works for Online Access Validations & Payment Authorizations
  • No extra Device, Token, Phone, Apps Required
  • Secure, Flexible, Cost-effective & Convenient Solution
  • Easy to Integrate With Banking & Payment Applications, Services
  • Transparent, Non Obstructive way to Authenticate & Authorize
  • Help your customer secure high risk banking transactions
  • Secure Payment & Fund transfers
  • Secure Remote Access to Business Applications, Corporate Document Library/Shared storage
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According to the Lexis-Nexis® 2011 True Cost of Fraud Study, merchants incurred costs of more than $2.33 for every $1 of fraud committed, absorbing more than $102 billion in total losses in 2011. To reduce the risk in this area, eCommerce merchants need to utilize fraud detection solutions to validate orders and identify fraudulent transactions.

We provide valuable automated and live (using real persons) fraud monitoring service to enrolled customers and merchants.


Today Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions are sought for which are low cost, flexible, scalable and can be integrated with ease with online applications and services.

GEOACL provides location based authentication and multi-level authorization service on subscription basis.


Coming Soon... GEOACL is coming up secure cloud based hosting services.