Control Over Where And How much Access Allowed


Solutions By GEOACL

GEOACL Location Based Security Solutions provides multi-factor authentication solutions to secure consumer and end user’s finances, data and access privileges. Customers, End users and Authorized personnel themselves control security by protecting entities of their interest and at level that they want. GEOACL can be used to authenticate and provide granular online access and validate financial transactions happening anywhere. GEOACL provides organizations with a crucial layer of security for any online process and retail authorization.

The GEOACL service allows organizations to undertake instant, transparent, low-cost, multi-factor user authentication and authorization for network based access (internet, VPN etc) as well as for offline payment validation requests.

Looping user's online and offline requests and actions with the action originating and approving location, GEOACL makes sure online user or real person requesting access, usage is indeed the authorized user while capturing transaction details for audit purposes. The GEOACL process is fully customizable to match authentication requirements for any online application and retail authorization.

We provide solutions for industries and business such as Finance, eCommerce, Cloud based Services, Healthcare (HIPAA) Law Adherence, User Validation & Authorization and so on.

Our solutions serve following important areas:

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